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Each year, Novaz debuts brand new collections that include beds, large seating, occasional chairs, dining chairs, tables, case goods and complementary pieces. Each new collection is inspired by different moods, materials, colors and styles we discover or experience on our many travels across the globe. Novaz offers a wide array of finishes and materials that our customers can chose from to fully customize their products.


At Novaz, we take pride in our quality. Although we employ modern manufacturing techniques that allow us to mass produce thousands of items each month, all of our furniture is hand-made by our experienced craftsmen who give the same attention to detail to each item whether it’s 1 piece or 1000 pieces.


Novaz has all the tools needed to execute custom design projects for both residential and hospitality environments. Our custom products measure up to strict project quality standards and fulfil the regulations in the countries they are designed for. Novaz recently partnered with Indigo Living to offer our project customers a truly bespoke and turn-key experience including management, design, development, sourcing and fit-outs for hotels, residences, restaurants, theatres, museums and airports. Contact us for more information.

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